Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Gas prices keep rising, but Nice Price or Crack Pipe's got your back, with a fuel-efficient car from the same people who brought you the GT-R!

Yesterday, 88% of you gave a drive-by to the Chrysler Newport, but today we're giving up our rap career for a much more parsimonious lifestyle.

Every time you shove that gas pump nozzle into your gas guzzler's filler neck, like some sort of macabre mosquito proboscis into your wallet, you wonder if there isn't an alternative. Well, there's hybrids, modern diesels, tele-commuting, and public transportation. . . but eff-them! What you need is a high-mileage old car that's easily repairable when things break, and that doesn't make you look like a dork while driving it.

Well, one out of two ain't bad.

In 1979, Datsun (and seriously, wasn't that a better name than Nissan?) dropped the B from their Corolla competitor, the 210, consigning the Honey Bee trim package to history. That was the most drastic change to the car, which retained its traditional rear-wheel drive layout, economical four cylinder engine, and petrochemical-based interior.


But that doesn't stop us from being intrigued by this 40mpg-highway econo-cruiser. Yeah, the years have not been kind to the various shades of blue interior. No, the car can't handle its way out of a paper bag. Yes, you will not be successful in getting into the pants of the opposite sex (or same, if that floats your boat) while driving it. But geez, it's light, lacks most safety equipment and any fluff-add-ons, so it's dirt-simple to own. That's got to mean something in these topsy-turvy economic climes. And that $4,995 cost of entry into the 210 club isn't too egregious, is it?

So, is $4,995 too much crack for this 30 year-old econo-coupe? Or is that a nice price for an old-school, old-name, old fuel-economy two door?

You decide!


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