We've got a soft spot for Apocalypse-grade vehicles around here, and this is one we haven't seen before. The Russian-built Aton-Impulse Viking-2992 is an amphibious, seven-passenger emergency rescue car. It's also pretty awesome.

The Viking tackles the problem of amphibious, remote rescue in a slightly different way than its considerably larger peers, with a compact size. The vehicle is just under 16.5 feet and tips the scales at a delicate 3,218 lbs and is powered by a mid-mounted VAZ 1.8 liter, 82 HP four cylinder. On the road it tops out at a leisurely 37 MPH, but since it's equipped with an on-board jet pump it can go 6.2 MPH on the water. Off-roading isn't too bad either, with an air suspension capable of lifting the vehicle 10 inches over the lowest height and besting approach angles of 38%. It may not be pretty, it may not be speedy, but it's certainly pretty awesome in a purpose-built Russian kinda way. [Youtube via Carscoop, Autoreview.ru (translated)]