A madman Ford nut is hand-building an incredible Hummer H1 replica on the bones of a junker Ford F-150. The full scope of this fabrication fest can only be appreciated in the huge gallery below.

We've only ever seen this level of insane skill before in the basement-built Lamborghini Countach of Ken Imhoff, but craftsmanship and the mid-level insanity of the builders is all these vehicles share. This H1 isn't some surplus rebuild or fiberglass kit, it's all-steel, hand fabricated to a near-military spec level of quality. The frame comes from a rough 1987 F150 4x4, the rear axle was pulled out of a E250 van, the engine is a monster 7.3 liter Powerstroke diesel from a shuttle van, and pretty much everything else is the result of a press-brake and and whole lot of welding. The result has been dubbed the Hummer H150.

We were a little worried, about half-way through the 48 pages of forum details on FullSizeBronco.com where he admitted his wife would be given the choice of paint scheme and she picked out a two tone white and grey with a tribal line in the middle. Thankfully she came to her senses and a lovely orange was chosen instead. Though the truck isn't quite done yet, a whole lot of the major work is through. The body electronics just got the test and transmission has been sourced, so after buttoning up the powertrain it'll be ready for a maiden run. This build has taken some five years thus far, but considering how far this guy has come the last few steps are practically child's play.


There aren't many vehicles manlier than the original Hummer H1, but building your own from scratch puts you in rare company on the testosterone scale. We can't wait to see how the Hummer H150 turns out. Hat tip to Mike! [Full Size Bronco Forums]