We ran the 14th race in 24 Hours Of LeMons history last weekend, and in many ways it was the best one yet. Faster cars, better driving… and more grenaded engines!

The always-in-contention Eyesore Racing team, which manages to combine heavy-duty fabrication skills, great driving, and overwhelmingly awesome themes, finally had all the pieces fall into place and took the win that had tantalized them for so many races. We saw nearly all the Hondas blow up, fall apart, or melt down… but those few that stayed alive did quite well, with the Blanco Basura Prelude nearly catching the Eyesore '59 Miadillac.

Thanks to Mad Science Senior, Mad Science, Jeff Balliet, and Nick Pon for the great photographs. When you're done here, be sure to check out the Justice Lieberman's and Justice Lavrinc's Goin' For Broken coverage. Now, here's every race car that managed to get on or near the track at Reno-Fernley Raceway last weekend. (Note: it appears that the official results showed the best lap time that each car ran on Sunday only, so I've gone back through and put in the better time for teams whose cars sucked less on Saturday, thus enhancing bragging rights in many cases)

#1: Eyesore Racing, Mazda Miata
Best Lap: 2:36.795
Overall Winner

#2: Blanco Basura Racing, Honda Prelude
Best Lap: 2:41.054
Winner, Class 2 (The Bad)

#3: Team California Mille #1, Alfa Romeo Alfetta
Best Lap: 2:47.959
Winner, Class 3 (The Ugly)

#4: Boxwrench Garage, Saab 900 Turbo
Best Lap: 2:33.698
Winner, Fastest Swedish

#5: Formula BMW, BMW 325e
Best Lap: 2:42.609
Winner, Class 1 (The Good)

#6: Team Stimulus Package, Honda Civic
Best Lap: 2:40.625

#7: Pandamonium Racing, BMW 325i
Best Lap: 2:37.479

#8: Size Matters By Plymouth, Plymouth Fury
Best Lap: 2:45.577

#9: Mustard Yellow Volvo Doing 45 In The Fast Lane, Volvo 244
Best Lap: 2:44.852
1 Lap Penalty

#10: Bavarian Beer Wagon, BMW E30
Best Lap: 2:43.057
3 Lap Penalty

#11: Ecurie Ecrappe Autodenta, Alfa Romeo Spider
Best Lap: 2:38.305

#12: Lil Smokey And The Bandit Racing, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 2:40.054

#13: Team California Mille #2, Alfa Romeo Alfetta
Best Lap: 2:46.711

#14: PIT CREW REVENGE, Honda Civic
Best Lap: 2:45.052

#15: Team Can't Am, Volvo 242 Turbo
Best Lap: 2:45.305

#16: Bailout Racing, Mazda RX-7
Best Lap: 2:50.734
2 Lap Penalty

#17: B-Team, BMW 325e
Best Lap: 2:46.947
7 Lap Penalty

#18: Bunny With A Pancake On Its Head, Volkswagen Rabbit
Best Lap: 2:46.394
5 Lap Penalty
Winner, Volkswagen Rabbit Cup

#19: ZZ Uber Das Driver: Spy vs Spy
Best Lap: 2:45.665
Winner, Organizer's Choice

#20: The Road Crew, Chevrolet C10
Best Lap: 2:51.964
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank

#21: Carpet Pissers, Honda CRX
Best Lap: 2:47.618

#22: Econo Classed, Volkswagen GTI
Best Lap: 2:45.656

#23: Junk Yard Kats, Nissan 280ZX Turbo
Best Lap: 2:37.391

#24: Free Range Racing, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 2:47.258
Winner, Dangerous Banned Technology

#25: LeMons Fire Department, Mazda Miata
Best Lap: 2:49.201

#26: The UNDERGROUND, Nissan 300ZX
Best Lap: 2:44.456

#27: OLD Fast Auto Racing Team And Son, Porsche 924S
Best Lap: 2:53.989
4 Lap Penalty

#28: Redneck Racing Team (RRT), Cadillac Eldorado
Best Lap: 2:51.792
Winner, Index Of Effluency

#29: D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F., Honda CRX
Best Lap: 2:51.748

#30: Team Hurling Moss, BMW 2002
Best Lap: 2:50.328
4 Lap Penalty

#31: Scandinavian Pricks, Volvo 940
Best Lap: 2:50.538

#32: B210b Racing, Datsun B210
Best Lap: 3:07.854
4 Lap Penalty

#33: Flat Tire Racing, Nissan 300ZX
Best Lap: 2:46.301

#34: Geo Metro Gnome, Geo Metro
Best Lap: 2:41.044
13 Lap Penalty

#35: Let It Ride, Honda CRX
Best Lap: 2:44.248
1 Lap Penalty

#36: Cape Coventry Racing, Triumph TR7
Best Lap: 3:07.394

#37: Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys, Peugeot 505 Turbo
Best Lap: 2:44.496
Winner, French Judge's Award

#38: Stars & Stripes Racing Team, Mazda RX-7
Best Lap: 2:48.609

#39: Killer Bees, MGB
Best Lap: 2:56.017

#40: Fast Times Racing, Acura Integra
Best Lap: 2:43.844
5 Lap Penalty

#41: Festivas for the rest of us, Ford Festiva
Best Lap: 3:00.289

#42: Shelby "arr" Model, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:47.723

#43: Snowspeeder Pilots Association, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 2:46.393

#44: Craptastic, Nissan Sentra SE-R
Best Lap: 2:44.575
30 Lap Penalty

#45: Sin City Lemons, Volkswagen Golf
Best Lap: 2:53.547
3 Lap Penalty

#46: Automatica, BMW E30
Best Lap: 2:48.383

#47: Hanky Too, Datsun 280Z
Best Lap: 2:42.788
Winner, Most Heroic Fix

#48: HRC Racing, Honda Prelude
Best Lap: 2:45.074
2 Lap Penalty

#49: Lipstick On A Pig, Nissan Sentra SE-R
Best Lap: 2:44.803
35 Lap Penalty

#50: Lemons Vice, Hondarrari CRXtarossa
Best Lap: 2:52.688

#51: Deepest Valley Racing, Chevrolet Caprice
Best Lap: 2:42.106
1 Lap Penalty

#52: HALLINASSASSINATORS, Pontiac Firebird
Best Lap: 2:47.804
2 Lap Penalty

#53: Volatile RAM, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 2:56.960

#54: Bernal Dads Racing, Volvo 245
Best Lap: 2:57.073

#55: ZZ Uber 2 Presents: Sky vs Sky, Volkswagen GTI
Best Lap: 2:39.435
Winner, Organizer's Choice

#56: Squirrels Of Fury II, Audi 4000
Best Lap: 2:47.759

Best Lap: 2:45.077

#58: Saabs Gone Wild, Saab 900 Turbo
Best Lap: 2:43.246

#59: Mysteries Inc. Racing, Dodge Voyager Turbo
Best Lap: 3:11.711
Winner, Grassroots Motorsports Most From The Least Award

#60: PHONEY EXPRESS, Honda Accord
Best Lap: 3:07.162

#61: Junkyard Dogs, Toyota Supra
Best Lap: 3:30.709
Winner, Judges' Choice

#62: Squirrels Of Fury I, Volkswagen Scirocco
Best Lap: 2:49.066

#63: Pontihack, Pontiac Fiero
Best Lap: 2:49.422

#64: Down Under Team, Dodge Stealth
Best Lap: 2:52.440
1 Lap Penalty

#65: The Cajun Coonasses, Honda Prelude
Best Lap: 2:49.160

#66: Absolute Lemon Motorsports, BMW E30
Best Lap: 2:43.434
5 Lap Penalty

#67: Caffeine Unlimited, BMW E30
Best Lap: 2:45.192

#68: Team Nerd Herd B, Toyota MR2
Best Lap: 2:52.297
1 Lap Penalty

#69: Deja Moo, Ford Taurus SHO
Best Lap: 2:47.112
3 Lap Penalty

#70: Chim Chim Racing, Volkswagen GTI
Best Lap: 2:53.928

#71: Rockerz In Dockerz, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:57.162
6 Lap Penalty

#72: Crash Test Dummies, BMW 325e
Best Lap: 2:43.328
1 Lap Penalty

#73: Reversed Darwinism, Ford Crown Victoria
Best Lap: 2:46.726
1 Lap Penalty

#74: Team VIP, BMW 528e
Best Lap: 2:42.096

#75: Biting Monkey Racing, Honda Accord
Best Lap: 3:11.808
Winner, Most Likely To Have All Their Fingers Broken By Casino Pit Boss

#76: WAAAGH!, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:42.599
2 Lap Penalty

#77: Delta Force, Toyota Celica
Best Lap: 3:00.485

#78: Team Tread Lightly, Volkswagen GTI
Best Lap: 2:46.934
2 Lap Penalty

#79: Skid Road Racing, Chevrolet Camaro
Best Lap: 2:56.499

#80: Old Farts Racing, Buick Skylark
Best Lap: 2:59.346

#81: The Guardians, BMW E21
Best Lap: 2:54.501

#82: I Wanna Roc, Chevrolet Camaro
Best Lap: 2:55.456

#83: B210 Racing, Datsun B210 Honey Bee
Best Lap: 3:07.871

#84: San Jose Scalawags, Mazda Miata
Best Lap: 2:56.596
4 Lap Penalty

#85: Team Nerd Herd A, Toyota Celica
Best Lap: 2:56.655
1 Lap Penalty

#86: Frak This Racing, Datsun 280Z
Best Lap: 3:02.164

#87: Dungeons and Dragsters, Ford Capri
Best Lap: 2:52.737
Winner, I Got Screwed Award

#88: Gold Leaves/Arcane Racing, BMW 528i
Best Lap: 2:46.332
70 Lap Penalty

#89: GFY Racing, BMW 528i
Best Lap: 3:13.532

#90: Frankenstang Racing, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:42.851
40 Lap Penalty

#91: World Talent Force (WTF), Honda Civic
Best Lap: 2:51.999

#92: 1320 Turners, Nissan 300ZX
Best Lap: 2:50.656

#93: Huey Newis and the Lose, Ford Mustang
Best Lap: 2:58.373

#94: Dust n Debris, Dodge Shadow
Best Lap: 3:04.062

#95: Team Chevy High Performance, Chevrolet Camaro
Best Lap: 3:13.513

#96: Rasta Racers, Volvo 740
Best Lap: 2:45.161

#97: USS Tercelator, Mazda 626
Best Lap: 3:41.121

#98: Unsafe At Any Speed, Chevrolet Corvair
Best Lap: 4:03.936

#99: Knights Of The Round Track, Toyota MR2

#100: Screamin' Haole Racing, Porsche 944
Best Lap: 2:44.991
300 Lap Penalty

#101: The Swine Flew, Acura Integra
Best Lap: 2:37.588
401 Lap Penalty

#102: Marshal Tito Express, Yugo GV

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