Lego Technic sets were always a bit out of reach for our patience level, so we stuck with plain bricks. So did this super-talented Lego Maniac for his amazingly detailed Lego cars.

Picking up his first Lego set when he was a kid, Firas Abu-Jaber has harnessed the very talented skill of building as-realistic-as-they-can-be four-wheeled Lego creations. While most Lego car builders we've seen in the past focus primarily on the exterior, Firas has chosen to cover all aspects, from the engine bay to the interior, with impeccable detail and care. Let this serve as an inspiration to all who love the little primary colored bricks, it certainly has been for us, and if you've got a personal Lego creation you'd like to share, pop it into the comments below. [via MOCpages]