Now that I've sorted out all the SCSI termination headaches on my 1998-vintage slide scanner, I've digitized some more of my old 35mm negatives. Here's a trio of old cars I shot in 1989.

We've got a '69 Cadillac Sedan De Ville, a '66 Dodge Coronet 440 wagon, and a '68 Chevrolet Caprice sedan, all parked on or near the gritty Glascock Street in Oakland's Fruitvale district. These days, there's not so much grit in that neighborhood, as you can see in Google Street View (though the Googlemobile refused to drive down Glascock itself), but you still see some nice vintage iron parked in front of the condos and live/work lofts nowadays. I bought the legendary Hubert The Hatred Bug at a junkyard on Glascock, and the original Oakland Hell's Angels HQ, circa 1960, was just a few doors down.