You know someone's got a passion when by day they're a Ford fuel economy technical expert and by night they build a 125 MPG, rocket-shaped trike. It's called HyperRocket and it's now on eBay.

John is a Ford technical expert in fuel economy, but being forced to work under the constraints of government regulation is stifling. As such, John wanted to work on something a bit more unique. Enter the HyperRocket, a bullet-shaped three wheeler that can squeeze 125 MPG out of a tank of gas. The concept is simple enough, and not altogether unprecedented. Take the 250cc four stroke two-cylinder motor and transmission out of a Kawasaki Ninja, drop it in a lightweight, tandem seat chassis, add in some aerodynamic bodywork, and with a little work you get a super high mileage roadster.

According to John, the HyperRocket can achieve 105 MPG at 65 MPH when equipped with the wider tires and open canopy top, but drop on the narrow motorcycle tires and bubble top and the coefficient of drag drops to 0.16 and the miles jumps to 125 MPG at 65 MPH. On top of that it actually looks pretty cool. Not too shabby if you ask us. The HyperRocket is on eBay right now with a rather stiff $15,600 starting bid. Why? John's making room for the next iteration: a plug-in hybrid. [EcoModder, eBay Listing]