This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. You like chrome? We like chrome! Everyone likes chrome!

It appears that goingincirclez has discovered The Most Malaise Motor Vehicle Ever Built. It started life as a 1976 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, and then the legendary Moloney Coachbuilders took over and made it… the God Of Malaise. I'm speechless, so we'll let goingincirclez take over:

This car (along with 5 other Malaise Cadillacs and 4 Malaise Stingray Vettes) is parked for sale at a small-time dealer lot near my home in Frankfort, KY.

Now we all know how bad the 70's were in terms of fad lux; malaise era performance was an oxymoron, so metal gussied up with the Leisure Suits DuJour was many a nameplates raison d'ete. I mean, you had Granadas of all things amping Faux Lux to an art, but even cars like the Lincoln Mark IV weren't any more genuine in materials (I know because I owned a Granada and currently own a 75 Mark). But this Gilded Gauntlet of Gauche is certainly new in my lifetime... and it was OEM-built this way! Can you tell what it is... and what it was trying to be... before the 5th picture?

"Enjoy", because I think this car has nearly every bad 70's lux cliche - taken to wretched excess. Let's tally:

- Vinyl roof? Check. Heck, it'll see your wimpy new-money Landau roof, and raise you a partly-vinyl DOOR!
- Landau bar, regardless? Check. In case there was any doubt.
- Opera windows? Stand back because this baby has not one, but TWO... straight off a Ford Elite!
- Chrome? The Santa Fe Super Chief would bow in inadequecy.
- Redonculous androgyonous hood ornament? Somewhere, a Deusenberg weeps.
- Faux spare tire Hump? A Mark IV also cries...
- ... because it can only WISH it had a VINYL hump.
- On the other hand, at least the Mark IV did the "Rolls Grille" a proper, understated l'homage. I mean just look at that freaking grille surround. How many wrecks did this car cause from reflecting sunlight into the eyes of unsuspecting, Pinto-driving plebians?
- But we can all thank our heavens that the tint is impenetrable, or who knows what terrors that contrasting RED LEATHER INTERIOR would spring. Speaking or red leather interiors, were the matching painted brake calipers free?

- Really, the only Faux Lux Cliche this thing lacks is Coach Lamps. But wouldn't you trade those for vinyl doors, twindoperas, streamliner chrome AND a landau bar for the win?

According to the seller (a Cadillac collector who owns several others besides those currently for sale) - Monroney Coachbuilders apparently sold and built 274 (oy vey!) of these in 1976. From what little I can find online, Monroney began in the late 60's by building stretch Lincolns to order in the Chicago area, and tried to win more contracts direct from Ford around that time. But they somehow fell out of favor with Ford, and so began using GM chassis instead. But apparently they were used to Lincoln styling cues...

Oh, and a couple weeks ago I thought it had been sold! Was moved to a different part of the lot earlier in the day; on my way home in traffic, I saw it at the McDonald's drive-thru! Yeah, I know if I bought an uber-pimpmobile the first place I'd take it would be for some QPC attitude. But the next day, it was back on the lot. Still, what an official dealership food-getter eh?
Hope you enjoyed that. I don't have a commenter name yet but if it did it would be "goingincirclez". I have a new site/pseudo-blog at that name.

BTW a coworker and I are planning an entry for the 24 Hours of LeMons... we currently have access to a 94 T-Bird and a 91 Cougar - possibly even both for $500. We're planning on Carolina for next year... possibly Ohio or sooner if all the planets align!