These remarkable images from Moscow depict a crazy, fiery and homoerotic multi-vehicle accident with a Lamborghini Murcielago that's slipped sideways and ripped to shreds. Amazingly, no one died. Details and carnagegasmic gallery below. UPDATE BELOW!

Update: Thanks to Pessimippopotamus's internet-fu, we get a full update from MosNews, and it's a doozy. Apparently, the driver, one 22-year-old Yuri was driving at three times the speed limit, blasting through the streets at 124 MPH while his new 16-year-old friend Christian was, um, "entertaining" him, causing Yuri to lose control, hit the Civic and a lost wheel punctured the gas tank of the Ford Mondeo which became engulfed in flames and smashed in a taxi cab. Miraculously nobody died in the incident, though apparently passenger Christian suffered a serious injury when his head hit the steering wheel. Something tells us this was not what young Christian had in mind when he asked Yuri for a ride.

In addition to the Lambo, there's at least a foreign-market Honda Civic hatch and a fire ball that used to be... something. Murcielago got the worst of it though, hitting something so hard it actually broke the rim. If you're in Moscow, be wary of any Craigslist ads about a Murcielago almost as good as new. [Geshik, update via MosNews]