While some vintage Japanese machinery gets preserved and/or restored these days, the early Civic seems to be getting the cold shoulder. When such a car gets sick, the next stop is usually the glue factory.

Someday, of course, that will change; no doubt there are present-day 7-year-olds who will read this post several decades hence and slap their foreheads in anguish: "Those fools! Why, that instrument cluster alone would fetch 47,000 Thorium Credits on the Mars Colony!"

What we've got here is a 1980 Civic that I spotted in an East Bay self-service junkyard a couple weeks back; a good example of the first-year second-generation Civic. The body is pretty straight (though somewhat disfigured by a quarter-inch-thick $39.95 paint job), but it's the interior that really got my attention. The door panels, instruments, all that stuff that's hardest to find in good original condition- all in great shape. Even the front seats were more or less intact, which you don't often see in a junked 29-year-old car. Someone had grabbed the steering column and wheel, but I suspect that everything else will be ground up and digested by The Crusher in the very near future.