You figure it's a special junkyard day when you spot a full-on art car (not like the half-assed kind you usually see), so it came as no shock when I found another cool machine nearby.

Holy crap! A genuine, one-of-2,500 10th Anniversary 1980 Datsun 280ZX in the much-sought-after "Black Gold" color scheme, just sitting there among the boring ol' Camrys and Excels.

Once you've heard the Black Gooooooooold song, you'll never be able to see one of these cars again without hearing those disco violins in your head. Is the Black Gold Guy shedding a tear for this doomed Z right now, or has he found white-powder solace in his bottomless stash?

At least this 280ZX has company near its final parking space; this 280Z was located nearby.