What do you get when take a 1969 Subaru Sambar Kei micro truck and add voluptuous Italian leather, Ferrari badges and a machined ball-top shifter? A super cute, yet macho 1969 Ferrari Micro Truck.

We'll let enterprising Ebay seller, harleychoppers4life take it away:

Let's get to the good stuff... The truck you see is a complete restoration form the ground up. I can say that with no hesitation, because the entire body was completely disassembled and was chemically stripped. The entire drive train at the time was also gone through, not to mention the entire electrical side of the vehicle. The truck now has custom marker lamps that are smooth as the paint along with the taillights. The headlights also have the custom touch, with the turn signals built into them along with parking lamps. As far as the interior, this is also another big highlight. The entire interior was replaced with the softest leather I have ever felt. The gauges are Ferrari and the GPS is from Garmin. There is also a Alpine system that will blow you out of the cab.

The entire truck is nothing but drop jaw beautiful and will make the finest car collector drool. This is the type of vehicle that demands attention were ever it goes. There is not one item that will need attention and can be driven or shown today. I wish you luck if you decide to bid. There will never be another Ferrari Micro truck this nice ever again.

With 21 bids and a current bid price of $7100 (as of writing this), it certainly looks like it'll be a fun one to watch and with less than 2 days left on the ticker, we're wondering how much this little custom Ferrari Kei truck will fetch. If we had money to blow on silly toys, you could bet your ass, we'd have this sitting in our garage right now.[via Ebay]