The Tail of the Dragon, a magical stretch of road in North Carolina, has 318 curves in 11 miles. This is what happens when a motorcycle rider can't keep himself between the lines.

This had to hurt. According to the photographer, the rider doing the crashing was taking his first run on the Dragon at relatively low speeds and managed to fixate on the Blazer. When you fixate on a bike your head often dictates where you go and this led to the side into a Chevy Blazer. The rider managed to break his ankle which required mechanical enhancement to repair, and the woman driving the Blazer suffered only minor injuries. With spring threatening to break out at any time, there are going to be a lot more folks heading to the Dragon and if you do, remember to have fun but keep it at safe speeds above all else. That doesn't mean keeping up with your more skilled buddy, it means keeping yourself from plowing into a Chevy Blazer.

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