This may be the first time we've seen the old n' trusted Trans Am-based KITT and the new n' busted Mustang GT500KR-based KITT together at the same time. Seems like it's PSA time.

We pause from the blazing awesomeness of Autorama to bring you this JaloPSA: You can build two awesome cars name KITT, but without a good show to support them, any Knight Rider franchise will die.

If only we'd have featured this public service announcement before NBC sent the latest iteration of the Knight Rider franchise into the seething hell of terrible scripts and even worse acting, we might all be enjoying a sentient car-based action show today. Sadly, such is not the case. The two KITTs posed together in some creepy post-mortem celebration of the show, here at Autorama where on multiple occasions, feathered mullet frocked onlookers squealed with delight upon seeing that monster Mustang. No such response for the venerable old F-body.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.