If this truck-framed convertible Lincoln Limochero never appears on "My Big Fat Redneck Wedding" the producers should be tossed into the street because we know Kid Rock is watching this auction like a hawk.

Here is a very unique conversion from TLC Sales. This 1988 Town Car 7-passenger "75" American Custom Coach Limo was put on a 1986 F150 Ford Quad Suspension 4x4 truck frame, then lifted, and had the roof cut off to make a 4x4 Monster Limo Truck Convertible. The engine is fuel injected and has about 80k miles on it. It has lock-out hubs.

This limo has a brand new black canvas roof, new semi clearance lights, new opera lights, new windshield, and a large air horn and working limo amenities. It even has a rear cover with boat bows to keep water and snow out of the back so it can be used in any weather.

Both the solid and glass divider still works to keep in drivers heat in the front section. We even kept the rear heater in the back, so on cool days the rear passengers can get some heat. It also has a new CD FM stereo and speakers installed. It has lighted decanter area, and glass holders in the wood bar. The interior is blue cloth and with the hot sun, you would not want a vinyl or leather. For a 20-year-old interior, it shows nice, but does have some wear spots. Drivers section looks nice and clean.

When we cut the roof off, we used custom diamond aluminum side panels to hide the cut lines. On top of the side panels, we put running board lights, and this makes this limo look impressive at night. We also added diamond aluminum to the bottom of the limo. Because of the truck frame hung lower then the Town Car body, we lengthen the diamond aluminum a bit to cover up the under frame. The diamond aluminum gets lots of positive attention, and looks great. It has newer tires 35 x12.5 15LT BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain TA and good looking rims.

It's got everything, the 80's-tastic velour interior, hand crafted wooden booze storage, a 5.0 V8, diamond plate running boards, a grille guard — it's even got the overhead running lights. Our redneck side is sick with desire. Imagine how many cases of PBR your crew could work through as you luxuriate in the back rocking out to mix tapes of Skynyrd and the Nuge. Only one thing could make this better, a full-on Zebra-stripe paint job. Then it would truly be a machine for the ages. (Thanks for the tip Robert) [Ebay Listing]