Sometimes it happens that a 24 Hours Of LeMons team earns a punishment that involves a change of identity, and Team Opular Dependence set the stage for their name change the night before prerace inspections.

Actually, it was an offhand remark by a single OD team member that made us decide to have a special surprise waiting for the Opel team the next day. LeMons Justice Lieberman and I hit the Wal-Mart next to the motel Thursday night, to pick up gear for the weekend's punishments. As we wheeled our shopping cart- packed with such items as a psychedelic piñata and several dozen pacifiers- across the parking lot, we caught sight of a super-fast RC car buzzing around a camper/car-trailer combo. Sure enough, it was a LeMons team: Opular Dependence!

So, the Shiner Bock came out and we were hanging around, drinking beer and talking LeMons cars, when one OD member mentioned a Mazda deal they thought of making: "The guy wanted $475, but I knew we could Jew him down. Wait, what?

Back at the motel, we brooded over this offhand anti-Semitic crack; sure, it was just a beer-swilling session in a Wal-Mart parking lot, but we had to take some action. Then Jonny had the ol' light-bulb-over-the-head moment: "Jew him down? We're gonna Jew 'em up!

So, that's what we did. Next day, during Opular Dependence's BS Inspection, their team member's comment was brought up, followed by the observation that it wasn't such an astute idea in a race with a Jewish judge and a Jewish Chief Perpetrator- whoops!- and out came the blue and white spray paint cans. Goodbye Opular Dependence, hello Team Israel! Star of David on the hood, along with the Hebrew for "Lemon," and the Chief Perp's inspired contribution on the side: No fat shiksas! To their credit, Team Israel took the change with good humor, though we have a feeling one team member will be taking some heat from his comrades.