We've always loved the idea of the RV with a garage, and now it looks like the Volkner Mobil Performance is for sale in Europe for the low-low price of approximately $1.25 million sans Maserati.

Most Recreational Vehicle owners tow a car behind their rig for when driving around in a gigantic vehicle doesn't make sense. For instance, you don't want to drive one of these down Lombard Street. The Volkner Mobil, designed by a firm well-known for building heavy-duty commercial trucks, features a small garage underneath the main cabin floor where, traditionally, luggage is stored. The panel on the side of the vehicle opens and the cargo floor drops to the ground. A this point the vehicle appears to raise on its air suspension and the floor moves out where it can be driven off for a weekend in Cannes.

The Volkner Mobil Performance comes in 40-ft and 34-ft variants and the type of the vehicle you can stuff underneath depends on the version you get. The larger version can hold a Mercedes SLK, Maserati Quattroporte, Jaguar XK8 or vehicles of a similar size. If you get smaller version you can still stuff a Smart fortwo or a Mini Cooper underneath. Can someone say bail-out-vehicle?

[Volkner Mobil via World Car Fans]