Any time you're putting down 921 HP at the wheels, you'd better have serious driveline upgrades to handle the muscle, unfortunately this Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8's transmission didn't quite measure up. Carnage below.

Despite a very, very long list of upgrades to this black SRT8, including a custom intake manifold, supercharger with intercooler, nitrous, 90 lb injectors, huge suspension upgrades, a roll cage, brakes and the list goes on, the transmission apparently didn't get enough love and blew the hell up when the truck was idling in a parking lot at the drag strip. When we say blew up we don't mean the valve body blew a seal or the torque converted burned up, we mean the transmission case blew up and sent bits of shrapnel into the cabin and left guts and fluids all over the tarmac. Aside from catastrophic failures on top fuel cars we've never seen a transmission on thoroughly grenaded — consider us duly impressed. Fear not though, as the owner is taking it in stride and already building a new version, this one sporting twin-turbos. [Modern Muscle Forums via <a href=" and Carscoop]