That's it folks, get right with your God, grab your lawn chair and your favorite beverage, and find a nice viewing spot because the NATS GT-K is surely the harbinger of the end times.

In its current state, the NATS GT-K may be the personal transport of Shiva, but it started out as a lowly Suzuki Cappuccino, and maintains the huge 0.657 liter inline-three, though it gets upgraded with a bigger turbo and an intercooler, bigger brakes, and coilovers. We're pretty certain the NATS GT-K will still be appallingly slow despite the tuning, but that body work will make you beg for the firey destruction of the world to come quickly. Really, the NATS GT-K is the worst thing we've ever seen offered as a serious product. We need to lay down until the nausea passes. [LeBlogAuto (Translated), via Autoblog]