Pictures and details of the 2010 Toyota Prius have again leaked ahead of the car's official release in a few hours. Aside from the picture we've already seen, let's look at the new details.

These shots of the 2010 Toyota Prius have jumped the gun on its launch by just a few hours. Although we've got nothing official as far as data goes, the Priuschatters have assembled a bit of likely data regarding the newest Smugmobile:

- similar to the power of 2.4l engine - 164 hp?
- 1.2 mil Priuses sold so far
- better mpg than before
- solar ventilation for interior, built into the moon roof
- remote air conditioning activation even when car is off (world first)
- by mid may it should be sold everywhere
- 90% all new hybrid system
- highest fuel efficiency of any sedan
- LED headlights
- hybrid info screen at the combination meter
- S-VSC (small modifications of steering wheel angle done by the VSC)
- precrash (and radar distance control?)

We're going to let this little beauty in the gallery just rest on your palate as it sinks in and delivers all of the robust flavor it has to offer. Tell us what you think about it below in the comments - If you don't have a commenter account yet, drop Petey an email and he'll fix you up, stat.

[Embargo break via NetCarShow]