These pictures were captured during a deadly game of hide-and-seek between a hungry polar bear and an Alaskan man who stumbled into its path.

The bear — the only species known to actively hunt humans — stalked the man as he left his job as a surveyor in Barrow, the northernmost town in Alaska.

At first, he tried to hide behind the truck until, sensing his presence, the bear dived across the hood and pursued the man in circles around his locked Ford. Unable to unlock the doors quickly enough to evade his pursuer, the man gambled that the GM pickup parked a few feet over was unlocked. As he reached it the bear caught up and mauled the man, leaving over 100 deep claw marks in his back and head. Somehow, the man escaped, crawling through the unlocked door of the GM just in time.

As polar bears face food shortages and destruction of their habitats, they’re increasingly turning to humans — usually their trash — as a source of food. Polar Bears International claims only one human has been killed in the US by the creatures, which can grow up to 10 feet tall, in the last 30 years. [via the Daily Mail]

Photography credit: Roger Nilsson

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