As if we're not already overly inclined towards the first or second generation Ford Taurus SHO, an audio company made a rare SHO Wagon and that vehicle is now for sale on eBay. Rather than dropping the SHO 3.0-liter Yamaha V6 and manual transmission into a donor wagon body, this is an original SHO with the wagon body dropped onto it. Stacked with audio equipment and for sale with bids in the low $2,000-range, this could be a steal for someone in the Midwest area. Of course, it needs new paint, has hail damage and was probably driven like a company car. But SHO Wagon! Seller description below.

Seller Description

This is a one-off custom-built fully-loaded SHO station wagon equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, full black leather interior, power sunroof, power windows, power seats, etc. Ford never built a station wagon, so the rear valance/bumper cover has been customized with the SHO logo. There are a few other "SHO station wagons," but as far as we know they are modified station wagons. This one started out life as an SHO that had the station wagon body welded at all of the factory joints in 1993. It was done for Audiophile Systems as an attention-getting demonstration vehicle. The cost of the stereo system alone cost more than $12,000 and includes: Eclipse 510 CD, AM FM Tuner, DSP/CD Changer Controler, Eclipse ESD 530 Twelve Disc Changer, Eclipse EQS-2000 DDL Sound Processor, Eclipse EQR-2140 DDL Tuner/DSP/CDC Controller (controller removed, and not included) Info on this equipment can be found at: ( Two Adcom GFA-4404 300 Watt RMS Amps, Two Adcom GFI 4600 Balanced Line Drivers, Audiophile 3.6 Speaker System (Two 1" Tweeters, Two 4" Mid-range, Two 6.5" Woofers), Audiophile 2.5 Speaker System (Two 1" Tweeters, Two 5.25" Mid-Woofers), Four Audiophile 10.1 Subs (Four 10" Subwoofers)..... The vehicle is a very solid, rust-free example, but is no longer a "show vehicle." It is an excellent driving car with more than $4,000 of maintenance recently performed after sitting for 5 years. Including: Axle shaft assembly, inner tie rod ends, a/c O-rings, water pump, timing belt, custom-built cat back exhaust with turbo-tuned high-performance muffler, oil pressure sending unit, platinum spark plugs, and a set of Bridgestone Turanza LS-T 215/60R16 T-rated tires. I was told the clutch has also been replaced (there is no detectable clutch problem, but I do not have proof it was replaced)...... There is some hail damage and parking lot dings, mainly on the driver's side. Car needs to be repainted, but is usable as is. This is a very fast, very strong running vehicle, and very fun to drive. It has been very well cared for. It turns a lot of heads, as many people are aware that Ford never built an SHO wagon. I have an extremely low reserve, as I do not have the time or room to turn this car back into its "show-car" condition. What doesn't work:Interior tailgate release switch (have to use key). One fog light. EATC head (I am currently pursuing fixing this, but cannot guarantee).... Car is located in Dayton, Ohio. I can e-mail photos. Tell me what you'd like to see.

[eBay Motors via Motive]