The Replica Audi R8 built on the Mercury Cougar was pretty impressive, but it was easy to see it was not actually a real R8. Take the attributes of the Replica R8 and amplify them and you get this: a Mercedes SL600 that's actually a Chrysler LeBaron underneath. The look is uncanny, and you'd have to be an SL 600 aficionado to know the difference from a distance. But pop the hood or look at the interior and there's no mistaking this is a K-Car contraption. Better body work, even worse automobile underneath and this one only costs $3995!

Where to even begin? We're amazed by how much this car looks like the real thing. The taunt Teutonic proportions that have made the Mercedes Benz SL 600 a modern classic are copied so well you just have to wonder why and how somebody pulled it off. How to turn a 1990 LeBaron into a convincing SL, and why not do anything to address that interior? It's just as crappy as the day it rolled down the assembly line. This sucker is amazing, and amazingly bad, its just so confounding. Good news is this car lives in Houston right now and we hear Hardigree needs a new car. (Hat tip to James) [Craigslist]