Every gearhead's dream of participating in a proper police chase involving Hemi-powered cruisers is a bit more difficult today, as Dodge is pulling 20,283 Chargers and Magnums equipped with both the Police Package and column shifter off the beat. Chrysler is concerned these particular cars could suffer from a bout of "unintended acceleration" courtesy of the old-school shifter. More after the jump.It turns out the fault lies in the column shifter which "may become disengaged from the steering column mounting bracket and cause an incorrect transmission gearshift position display." The concern is that an unwitting officer could goose it in the wrong gear and wreak a bit of the old ultra-violence. It would have been a great excuse for the gentleman who mowed over that Crown Victoria in his Camry. "I don't know what happened officer, the display said D!" On the other hand, somebody better warn Jake and Elwood. [GoodCarBadCar Via Autoblog]