At 7’4” tall, 18’1” long and 8’2” wide, the KNIGHT XV is one big honkin’ bio-fuel powered SUV. Did we mention it was armored too? Thanks to a 6.8 liter V10 that runs on something nebulously called “Biofuel” it claims to be green, but we estimate its mileage to be in the low single digits. That’s a lot of liquid corn. Unfortunately, Conquest Vehicles’ bouncers appear to be equally big, burly and prone to man-handling our Editor-in-chief, so we decided to reveal it early. Ray’s full account follows the jump.

I was walking by and saw the folks from KNIGHT pulling the sheet off the $295,000 XV in the middle of the SEMA parking lot. As they were pulling it off I noticed them trying to start the uber-luxurious black barge but it sounded like the engine wouldn't turn over. Perhaps the battery was dead? Frankly we don't know; however, we were manhandled and pushed away from taking any more pics by a short swarthy man with a ‘stache, so we won't be returning to find out if they got their act together in time for the official unveil.