The Yeehaw It's Texas 24 Hours Of LeMons was a roaring success, with high speeds on the track, heroics in the pits, and Texas justice in the penalty area. We had everything from a Baja Bug to a Lexus LS400 on the track, and you'll see 'em all here; even the Supra that blew its engine 10 seconds before the green flag dropped makes this comprehensive list of the Top Lemons Of LeMons Texas! Make the jump to see this fine collection of racing machinery; if this isn't enough LeMons for you, check out the top cars from Toledo '08, New England '08, South '08, Altamont '08, Thunderhill '07, and Altamont '07.

We'll have more LeMons Texas posts for you during the week, including an in-depth look at some of the new punishments we've devised for on-track miscreants (e.g., the John McCain Uphill Battle Penalty and the Barack Obama Change We Can Believe In Penalty, among many others). Once we've gathered sufficient team-provided photos and videos, we'll put up the Yeehaw It's Texas LeMons Über Gallery.

1: The SCHWING Team

2: Witchdoctor Motorsports/Bikini Racer

3: Los Gringos Locos

4: Latch-Key Kids

5: Purple Pin Ball Righty

6: Los Cucaroches

7: 8NSK8

8: Warthog Racing

9: The Professionals (At Having Fun)

10: Formula M (As In Mullet)

11: Large Intestine Debris

12: The Spartans

13: No Sex In The Champaign Car

14: Alamo City Rollers

15: Team Sour Puss

16: Cajun Rice Burners

17: Out Of Town Racing

18: Johansson Brothers Racing

19: Skidmark Racing

20: Punisher Racing

21: Little Rock Racing Scene

22: Team VIP (The Very Important Peasants)

23: Project Yellow Racing

24: Rum Runners

25: Unintended Acceleration

26: Chuck Norris

27: Rotor-Heads

28: Enginerds

29: Flying Hoondee

30: Never Give Up

31: Race Hard Race Ugly

32: Monkey Put The Cork Back

33: Big Easys Big Sleazys

34: Grocery Getter

35: Purple Pin Ball Lefty

36: The Bronze

37: Tetanus Neon

38: Lemonade

39: The Bum Steers And The MooPoo Crew

40: Longhorn Raceworks

41: Blind Squirrel Racing Team

42: MusTank Racing Inc, LLC P.O.S.

43: El Toro Loco

44: Molly Whopping Wankel

45: Uber Balls Racing

46: Los Diablos Racing Team

47: Mad Cow Motorsports

48: Svedish Slaabs

49: Cupcake Racing

50: Ike 101

51: The Legend Of Balki Bartokomous Racing

52: Guild Of Calamitous Intent

53: HighBrow Ghetto

54: Over Fifty Racing

55: Def Leppard Sucks

56: Fletch Tech Racing

57: Pinto Slapped

58: Bavarly Hillbillies

59: Overseas Group Ltd

60: Puff-Puff-Pass

61: Taco Inspection Team

62: Kung Fu & The Fu King Racers

63: Sheila And The Shields

64: Little Buckaroo

65: Lost In The Dark

66: Second Gear Second Team

67: The Big Outfit Racing

68: TSOL

69: Darth Bimmer

70: Team Iron Butt Racing