500 HP Week Heralds New Jalopnik Reviews Format

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Jalopnik ReviewsAll of our test drives in one convenient place.

What seemed an unattainable production car power figure — 500 HP — only a decade ago is now available in sedans to SUVs to luxury convertibles. This week we're only reviewing cars with 500 HP+. Also, a new review format!

Most of you probably fondly remember our three part reviews. In part one we told you a story, part two was an objective breakdown of the car's characteristics and part three was about numbers and buyers. The problem was, the three part, three day format was awkward and required me to show up to work three days in a row. So now we're combining all three parts into one stripped down, more powerful model that puts everything you want to know about a car into a single place.

Also, some other points of note:

● A new never-before-seen rating system featuring an overall score expressed as a percentage based on the total number of stars. It's sort of like the automotive version of Rotten Tomatoes movie scoring. You'll love it. Or you'll be indifferent. Who knows? That's what makes this so exciting!


● New suitability parameters!

● New setup!

● Same silliness!

● Also, Jalopnik Reviews compare vehicles against other vehicles in its class.

You can follow along through our Jalopnik Reviews tag that's always up on the top of the main page.

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Awesome.. I like it.. Way to give a black eye to the environmentalists. #jalopnikreviews