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$500,000 Ferrari F40 Crashed After Someone Foolishly Drives It In The Rain

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Ferrari F40 is arguably one of the most beautiful modern Ferraris, but there's no argument that it's the most bonkers. Giant turbos, huge wing, and no serious driver aids to speak of, it is not easy to drive (they crash all the time) as an owner in Vancouver discovered yesterday when he wrecked one in the rain.


Please do not drive these cars in the rain.

Here's what we know so far: there was some form of weekend auto show in Vancouver. On the way back the person driving the lovely Ferrari F40 may have made a miscalculation of some sort (driving it in the rain) and nearly knocked the back half off, though we have no proof that the driver is at fault.


Being a mid-engined RWD car, this is the side you least want to damage. Being a mid-engined RWD car this is also the side you're most likely to damage if you snapoversteer.

More details will be forthcoming, I'm sure, and the accident was probably cleaned up once the firefighters on the scene were done shooting photos with their phones — a hint that it probably wasn't a crash that seriously injured anyone.

We're glad the driver and possible passenger appear to have made it out without serious injury, but we're also seriously hurt at the sight of another crushed stallion. Drive an F40? Fantastic. Drive in the rain? Less fantastic.

(Hat tip to Greg and Jeff!)