The driver of a rare Ferrari 599 GTO — the fastest street-legal Ferrari ever — collided with a taxi Saturday morning in Singapore, resulting in his own death and the death of the taxi's passenger.


An animated image from what appears to be a dash camera on vehicle behind the cab shows the Ferrari driver running a red light.


Newspapers in Singapore say a 31-year-old Chinese businessman identified as Ma Chi was driving his ultra rare Ferrari when he ran a red light and struck a cab, which then hit a passing motorcyclist. The driver of the Ferrari was dead when paramedics found him and the cab's driver and passenger, as well as the motorcyclist, were transferred to the hospital with serious injuries.

The passenger died later and the cab driver, 52-year-old Cheng Teck Hock, is reportedly brain dead with little hope of recovery.

Someone posted to Twitter a link to an animated GIF that appears to show the same 599 GTO colliding with a cab. The GIF (it can be viewed here but is graphic) appears to show the taxi had a green light at the time of the collision.

Because of the roof, wheels, and design of the rear bumper we believe it's the Ferrari 599 GTO. Only 599 of these approximately $400,000 special edition GTOs were built, each capable of accelerating to 62 mph in 3.35 seconds and hitting a top speed of around 208 MPH. It's called the fastest street legal Ferrari because it's the fastest production Ferrari around the Fiorano test circuit.


(Hat tip to Alex)

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