Though we have no way of verifying whether or not Death Race will be as competent a remake as The Italian Job or as horrible a reinvention as Blues Brothers 2000, the idea of racing cars to the death certainly appeals to us in a fictional sort of way. Looking at the cars of Death Race and the production stills, it's clear the movie has a novel mix of cars we'd consider. The trick is the vehicle has to be both destruction-worthy and fast enough to finish a race. What car would you choose?

A modified tanker truck is nice, and all, but it isn't that fast. Would a modified Stang really be able to crush its way through the carnage better than a 1989 7-Series Bimmer? Personally, we think that JFG-entrant Buick GNX is probably ideal. It's tough, it's mean-looking, it's easy to find parts for (G-bodies are everywhere) and it's fast as all hell. Would you mess with someone piloting a GNX? Seriously, what car would you race... to the DEATH!?!?