Yes, it's the one and only Fabulous Hudson Hornet. While many of the classic automobiles on display at the 2008 Orphan Car Show came from far and wide, the journey for this piece of racing history was merely across town. That's because it now resides in the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum, a facility that was formerly home to Miller Motors, the last Hudson dealership in the world. But what made this Hornet so Fabulous?

Back when stock car racing meant racing cars that were actually close to stock, the Hudson Hornet had one huge advantage: unibody construction. That meant a significantly lower center of gravity than the sedans from Ford, GM, or Chrysler, and much better handling as a result. Yes, believe it or not, handling was a big factor in going around an oval track. So, like the character in the Pixar's Cars, the Fabulous Hudson Hornet was once a dominant racer. This #92 car was driven by Herb Thomas, who became the first ever two-time NASCAR champion, winning the title in 1951 and 1953. When men were men.

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