Some say he's nothing but a short, funny-looking decorative garden accessory. Others say his best friend is a little bunny rabbit who hops on by. All we know is, he's not the Stig — he's a garden gnome. That's right, the Brit-boy threesome of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May stepped back from their adventures in high horsepower for a bit of charity work on the Beeb last month. The hosts of the world's greatest motoring show in all the world took a run at resurrecting the greatest gardening show we've all probably never seen — Ground Force — for the charity telethon Sport Relief. The one-off mashup, called Top Gear Ground Gear Force, took the "Punk'd"-like ethos of the original pruning show and added a dose of the hilarious by completely demolishing the backyard of Sir Steve Redgrave, their target. We're surprised we hadn't seen it yet — especially as the three co-hosts managed to show off the most impressive jet-powered backyard chicken rotisserie we've ever seen. But after a late night torrent session, we've now rectified that issue. It's high time you did the same, so we've dropped the full episode below the jump, so get to it.

Top Gear Ground Gear Force: Part One

Top Gear Ground Gear Force: Part Two

Top Gear Ground Gear Force: Part Three

If you want to donate to Sport Relief, here's the link.