In honor of the Melbourne International Motor Show and the best Australian cars QOTD, our good friend Vintage_Racer has shared some photos of the Ford Falcon Cobra. This particular model is #349 of only 400 produced. How did the Cobra brand make it all the way to Australia? That's a funny story.

Ford was set to release a new XD Falcon hardtop in 1979 and was stuck with 400 shells for the 1978 two-door XC hardtops. Various plans were created, including one to create a Playboy edition. Eventually, Edsel Ford II chimed in and decided to market it as the ultimate American-looking street legal version that could possibly be holmogated for racing. Of course, what's more American that white-and-blue stripes and a gigantic Cobra logo? Offered with either the 351 or 302 Cleveland V8, this particular version seems to have the 302. Either way, it's a g'day when driving one of these around. [Wikipedia]