We're not quite sure what to make of this. Seems like a scooter with car aspirations, but what to call it? A scootermobile? Autooter? In any case, this thing is the Shoprider Flagship so named as it is the flagship of the lineup. Complete with a fully enclosed shell, large automotive style windows, windshield wipers (or is that breeze shield in this case?) with washer squirts, and headlights. If we were mean, this is the place where we'd make a joke about portly people and indoor NASCAR races at the local Walmart, but we aren't so we won't do that.

As an added bonus, you can buy your Flagship through Amazon.com — you never have to walk anywhere again! Our favorite line of the whole pitch comes right at the end - "Trade in the Rolls-Royce for your FLAGSHIP today" - now that's some ambitious cross marketing. [Shoprider.com]