We saw a rear-drive Corolla GT-S a few months ago, but we haven't yet seen one of the front-drivers. Things involving the Corolla name in North America got a little confused in the mid-80s, what with the different platforms available at the same time and then the Corolla-clone Nova (and Toyota-branded Corollas as well) being built in California. The AE86 gets all the attention from the donuts-in-mall-parking-lot kids these days, which may be why even rarer GT-S FX16s like this one survive as reasonably original daily drivers.

Decal emblems? Plastic crypto-racy side trim? Paint the color of Cyndi Lauper's lipstick? Welcome to the 80s!

I spotted this car on the same East End block as the '82 Mercedes-Benz 380SL and a couple of DOTS cars I haven't posted yet, so we're talking about a DOTS gold mine second only to the block with the Morris Minor convertible, '69 Cutlass convertible, '47 Plymouth, and '54 Ford.

I've always thought this vent/window arrangement looked like something from a building rather than a vehicle. Which, of course, is cool.

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