If you aren't happy with your current tool situation, 309 pieces ought to be enough to get you started with a new one. [Craftsman 309 Piece Mechanics Tool Set, $200]

This Gladiator rolling cabinet combo isn't cheap, but it should last you forever, and it will be the centerpiece of your garage (except for, you know, your car). $605 gets you a seven drawer rollaway cabinet, AND a tool chest to match. Separately, they would usually set you back more than $800. [Gladiator Rolling Cabinet Combo, $605]

Today on Woot, you can get a couple of excellent Sony sound bars with included subwoofers for very low prices. If you still use the built-in speakers on any TVs in your house, you shouldn't hesitate to jump on this deal. [Refurb Sony Sound Bars, $75-$175]

This extremely-popular air purifier is small enough to fit on your desk (even next to a really old Mac), and has a nice $5 coupon offer today. [Hamilton Beach Air Cleaner, $39 After $5 Coupon]

Amazon's bonus deal of the day today is a Dremel Scroll Saw kit for just $55, down from its typical $90. You can either use it handheld, or clamp it to a table for more stability. [Dremel Scroll Saw Kit, $55]

Most of us have an old iPod dock laying around with a now-useless 30 pin connector. This little dongle plugs straight onto the dock, and turns it into a seamless Bluetooth speaker for all of your modern devices. [CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver, $25]





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