Looking at the Alameda cars I've already photographed, I realize that I have shots of six Chrysler A-bodies stored up. This wouldn't be a big deal, but I've only shown a single A-body so far in the series (no, the '77 Volaré was not an A-body). I feel ashamed that I've neglected our Dart, Valiant, and early Barracuda friends, since they show us how Detroit used to get it right: simple and reliable, yet with enough style to keep you from blacking out from boredom. So, get ready for more Mopar A-bodies!

Like, say, this 1973 Plymouth Scamp that I found right off Alameda's main downtown drag.

These Chrysler turn signal indicators always seemed like a great feature; you were way less likely to drive 300 miles with your blinker going if you had these things.

The removal of the vent windows on the Scamp was considered quite the stylish move back then, although I've always thought the old vent windows were very useful. Yeah, they always produced some wind noise, but you just cranked up the AM a bit louder to compensate.

Check out that vinyl top! The strange shape of the back window gives the impression that the passenger compartment is a vacuum, sucking the glass inward.

In '73, you could get Plymouth's version of the A-body with three different nameplates. The Valiant was the sedan, the Duster was the coupe, and the Scamp was the hardtop coupe.

If I go more than a week or two without putting up another Chrysler A-body, remind me. Maybe I'll find one with a turbocharged Slant Six!