We know, we know- a proper Nomad has two doors! Well, better call up GM's Complaints Department and tell them this simple truth, because back in the late 60s The General decided to slap the Nomad name on some Chevelle wagons...

Regardless of what it's called, this is one evil-looking wagon. It started out blue and then got hit with a raggedy coat of what appears to be the lowest-quality black spray paint ever made.

Of course it's equipped with thee most redneck engine ever made: the good ol' 350 small block! Sadly, it lacks a 4-speed, and the real shame is that you could get yourself a Muncie for your new '69 Chevelle for only $44 more than the TH350, yet just about all the buyers went for the auto. $44! That's beyond comprehension!

The '69 A-bodies all had good-looking grilles; the Chevy looks nice, though I prefer the grille on the '69 Skylark.

This car parks a block or so from the Condiment Colored VW Bus, and it scores about 1,000 Menace Units higher than the VW on the Evil-O-Meter. I'm pretty sure this vehicle triggers a lot of Neighborhood Watch alerts during its travels.

We can only hope it has a Holley 750 and glasspacks.

Nice tape repair on the taillight. And check out the dude on a bike gassing up a Beaver RV in the background; think he owns this wagon?

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