$2500 Tatas To Be Shown Thursday

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Tata Motors will finally be showing off the long awaited $2500 automobile on Thursday. We've been throwing digital column space at it since August and now we'll get to see the new people's car. So what can we expect from a car that would make Henry Ford proud? Well, to borrow a phrase, everything you need, nothing you don't. The ass-engined Indian slot car is rumored to be a four door hatch with seating for five and a rounded jellybean shape. Expect power nothing and maybe a Bosch supplied 600-ish cc motor attached to a CVT. Also to be expected - YouTube videos of Indians doing choreographed auto fighting with them as soon as they hit the market.[Internation Herald Tribune]



Rob Emslie


I think the more important question is: how much could they do a boob job for?

And BTW, I don't think a $2500 tata would be in any way described as "bodasous".