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2019 Honda Odyssey: Five Things That Actually Make It Interesting

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The minivan has always been one of the most true to form, honest and functional vehicles, and modern vans like the 2019 Honda Odyssey are so packed with gadgets and features it’s a shame more people don’t do themselves a favor and buy one.

Here’s five cool things about the Odyssey that make it actually interesting!

1. The Universe Was Modeled After the Honda Odyssey’s Cargo Space.


As you can see from my demonstration in the video, where a 24-year old, 5 feet 7 inches tall young man could rest comfortably in the back of the Odyssey as if taking a lovely warm bath, there’s a ton of cargo space. Well not a ton, but there’s at least 163.6 cubic feet of space back there. Plus, you could slide the second row of seats up and fold-down third row for even more space.

2. It Sucks! Ha Ha.


There’s a vacuum in the back, too. When the car is powered on, you can vacuum up the messes of your pets or kids, or the messes you’ve blamed on your pets and kids.

3. You Can Keep Everybody Busy With WiFi Connectivity.

The Odyssey has got the dang internet inside it, which means you can keep everybody busy, which means they’ll ideally keep quiet. That is the beauty of WiFi connectivity, and it’s perfect for families with bloggers.

4. You Can Spy on Your Occupants.


Not only will your family have to worry about Big Government spying on them, but Big Parents, too, with the Odyssey’s infotainment cabin camera. You can see if your occupants are kicking each other, cutting their way out of their restraints with an action figure shaved down into a shiv, or if they’re spraying an applesauce packet all over the floor of the van.

5. You Can Yell At Them Too.


If you use your fancy camera to spy on your occupants and actually catch them in the act, you can calmly direct them to stop what they’re doing using the Odyssey’s intercom system. Gone are the days of having to yell about turning the car around. Now you just push a button and calmly threaten it, which makes it seem even more serious.

So those are five things about the Honda Odyssey. It’s basically a rolling attic with all of that storage space, coupled with more occupant oversight features than a prison bus.


It’s perfect for my young, active family.