Back in July, the German website for Volvo slipped and accidentally released a partial image of the 2018 Volvo XC40. Today, thanks to another leak, we now have a full look at the entire ride. It’s nice, and it stuck incredibly close to the concept.

Ahead of the Sept. 21 release, Volvo’s operation in Hungary accidentally published a promotional video for the car—which was spotted by and elsewhere.


As we suspected back in July, it looks a lot like the 40 Concept released more than a year ago. Volvo said it wanted to deliver a more “youthful” spirit to the car, based off its Compact Modular Architecture. It definitely has a lively appeal to it.

The interior looks sleek and clean, with a digital instrument cluster and center console and what appears to be a wireless charging slot. There’s enough room in the trunk to hang your hard hat and transport a couple overnight bags or some groceries.

Looks sharp! But we’ll have to wait until next week when Volvo officially unveils the car for more detailed specs.