The 2018 Sauber F1 Car Will Be Pretty But Bland Despite All The Alfa Romeo Badging

All photos credit Sauber F1 Team

Alfa Romeo fans love to go on and on about beauty and soul, but we’re talking about a modern-day Formula One car here. We’re just lucky this isn’t the year of the penis nose with those. Sauber unveiled their Alfa-branded F1 livery today, and it’s okay. It’s not a gorgeous 4C in F1 car form. It’s just okay.

This isn’t next year’s Alfa Romeo Sauber car yet, but just the 2018 livery shown on a car. We’ll see the car itself much later.


Of course, “Alfa Romeo Sauber” is a bit of a branding exercise at best, much like Red Bull’s rebranding of its engines as “Tag Heuers” except with a much less acrimonious origin story. Sauber’s engines are still made by Ferrari for 2018, as even they realized that partnering with Honda would probably end in heartbreak.

Sauber also announced today at their press event in Italy that reigning Formula 2 champion Charles Leclerc will be replacing Pascal Wehrlein for 2018, driving alongside returning driver Marcus Ericsson. This is Ericsson’s fourth season with the team. Ferrari’s former third driver Antonio Giovinazzi will now be Sauber’s third driver—in for some testing and first in line to drive if one of the main two can’t race.


What are your thoughts on Sauber’s new look? Love it, hate it or meh?


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