2018 Jeep Wrangler: This Is Finally It

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Jeep just released the first official images of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler, the JL. And while it looks a lot like the current JK, there are a number of notable differences.

Here’s what Jeep had to say in its press release:

The most capable SUV ever delivers even more legendary Jeep® 4x4 capability, a modern design that stays true to the original, advanced fuel-efficient powertrains, more open-air options, and is loaded with more safety features and advanced technology than ever before. The all-new Wrangler’s unique design includes an instantly recognizable keystone-shaped grille, iconic round headlamps and square tail lamps, improved aerodynamics, a convenient fold-down windshield for off-road purists, even more open-air freedom, and dozens of different door, top and windshield combinations.


And here are a few photos:


The photo above seems to show a windshield that folds while keeping the A-pillar in place. The current JK takes that pillar with it in what is a painstaking process to get the windshield down. Jeep says the JL’s windshield-folding process is “convenient,” which already makes it 100 times better than the JK’s.

You can also see what looks like a vent behind the front fender and a turn signal on the front of it. The interior looks to show a manually-activated transfer case (like the Jeep gods intended), a manual transmission (like the Jeep gods intended), a real hand-brake (like the Jeep gods intended).


Here’s another photo from the top. The hood looks pretty. Frankly, the whole thing looks pretty (especially with the headlights that carve themselves into the grille), though I haven’t decided what I think about that beltline running along the doors in that top photo.


We’ll hear more at the Jeep’s official launch on Nov. 29. at the LA Auto show.