The upcoming 2017 Mercedes E-Class was supposed to debut next week at the Detroit Auto Show. And yet, here it is in all its staid glory.

The rather handsome styling is, to say the least, very conservative.

It looks like the C-Class, which looks just like the S-Class.

But! Whatever family resemblance there is on the outside is nothing compared to the similarities on the inside. The interior is pure S-Class, in the very best way. It’s all screens, all the time.


Look at how wonderfully that dashboard sweeps across.


Look at how good that digital dash looks.

That widescreen dashboard fits so well with that widescreen infotainment system. It doesn’t look extraordinarily roomy in there, but it does look clean and modern.


The same is true of the back. It’s so bright in there.

The German Auto Presse somehow got all of these pictures. They have posted specifications, but obviously they have not been confirmed by Mercedes at this point. Check them all out over there, or in English on CarScoops.


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