While most of the world gets the Infiniti Q30 with optional all-wheel drive, America had to wait for the arrival of the QX30 to get adventurous with Infiniti’s new compact. So here it is.

If the Q30S I drove was the sportiest version of this car, the freshly revealed QX30 is on the opposite side of the scale with its higher ground clearance and “rugged-looking” bumpers.


The 2-liter turbo’s 208 horsepower goes through the same seven-speed Mercedes dual clutch transmission as in the regular Q30, while the all-wheel drive system can send up to fifty percent of the juice to the rear axle in case conditions get a bit slippery.

But is this the car for you? Would you describe yourself as part of the “new generation”?

Infiniti is targeting a new generation of premium buyers with the new QX30. The premium crossover segment is currently among the fastest-expanding markets globally, and Generations X and Y will represent the majority of buyers in this segment by 2020. For them, the car is an expression of “self” rather than “status,” and they remain open to new, category-defying concepts.

The sister model Q30S is a good looking car and the QX30 certainly stayed as close to the original as possible, but does it blow your mind with its curves and double-arch mesh grill? You tell me.

Photo credit: Infiniti

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