2016 Word Of The Year: 'Bwoah'

Where most people would “um” or “uh,” Formula One driver and nemesis to boats everywhere Kimi Räikkönen has his own verbal tic: “bwoah.” Because F1 fans have been chuckling about this all year long, we here at Jalopnik have declared it the Word of the Year. Bwoah away, 2016.

2016 was the year everybody started to notice Kimi’s unique tendency to “bwoah” his way through interviews. For better or for worse, people now tend to laugh whenever Räikkönen starts off a sentence with his Finnish-accented “um.” Sometimes it sounds more like “mwoah,” but either way, this syllable is clearly his thinking word.


Occasionally it even feels as if the driver we love for his visible disdain for press and sponsor activities has started saying “bwoah” on purpose, as he appears to do in this clip from Ferrari’s Gala Night:

Kimi knows it’s funny. We find it unique and endearing, and that’s on top of all of the love the Internet has for the Iceman.

That being said, no verbal habit has truly made it as a phenomenon until it’s been edited into a dubstep remix:


I think we’re done here, 2016. May 2017 bring us many new and delightful ways to break up the monotony of F1's driver appearances.

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