2016 Toyota Tacoma: This Is It

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This is the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma, with a new look after its first major redesign in almost a decade. It definitely has a Tundra-like vibe, but also is similar to more European/Japanese offerings in profile. What do you think?


All we know is what we have from these images, that Toyota released to people who abide by embargoes, that we have taken without asking (click the link to see a fuller gallery) and will ask for at some later date.

Illustration for article titled 2016 Toyota Tacoma: This Is It

There's no new information.

Photo Credit: Marc Urbano/Road & Track



It's the same damned old formula...make a few in bright blue and red for the press, then churn out a gillion black, grey and white ones that are flogged to people whose driver's licenses are still fresh, all anxious to prove how tough they are. Only one out of 100 will be used to its capability, as posers drive from high school to high school.

The base truck will run about 23K, but most of them will be purchased by mom and dad for somewhere north of 33K. Congratulations to Toyota...it's taken a great workhorse of a little truck, priced it above its former market, and turned it into a status symbol.

Oh, and an honorable mention to the EXCLUSIVE distributor for Toyota from Texas to Florida, Houston's very own Gulf States Toyota. It will take each and every truck sold in the old Confederacy and add from $1000 to $3000 in mandatory options such as paint protection ($3 worth of wax), virgin nitrogen in the tires and a roadside assistance package that will never be used.

As a former Tacoma owner who can no longer find one to buy without $10000-$15000 in added toys that do nothing to add to the functionality of an excellent vehicle, I'd like to tell Toyota Motor Sales USA and especially Gulf States Toyota to Go to Hell.