Honda is taking ANOTHER another crack at their Honda Civic, which looks just like those leaked renders we saw a few months back, and now with a turbo option!

Besides an updated skin, this new Civic sedan will feature abundant use of LED lighting, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity capability, and touts the “largest cabin in the compact class.”

Oh yeah, this thing looks kind of huge.

Anyway, this is the Civic’s 10th generation of design in 43 years of history, and maybe they got it right? I like it.


The LX and EX models get a new 2.0 liter 4-cylinder, with a manual option and bragging rights to “the most powerful base engine ever in a Civic,” and the EX-T and EX-L models will get the new 1.5 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder, but it’s stuck with a “unique” CVT. Both engines are claimed to get over 40 mpg by Honda, but no exact figures yet.



Honda is bragging about improved sealing on the car, reducing 58 percent of “cabin air leaks,” as well as dropping weight by 68 pounds over the outgoing model and increasing aerodynamic efficiency by 12 percent.

The new sedan previews the upcoming lineup of new Civics, including a coupe, Si, 5-door hatch, and the - get ready for it - Civic Type R in America.