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More shots of the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado were posted yesterday from the State Fair of Texas, along with confirmation that the truck will run apps straight off your phone through Apple or Android’s car connectivity programs.

CarPlay, which works with iPhone 5, 6, and presumably anything that comes after, basically works by projecting your phone’s app-menu right onto the truck’s infotainment screen. Our friends at Gizmodo took CarPlay for a spin, and you read what they had to say right here.

Seems like it saves you fumbling with your phone between stoplights. Not that you’d do that anyway. More importantly, I see the potential here to prevent your car’s giant central screen from becoming obsolete.


The 2016 Silverado will also have available Forward Collision Alert, Lane Keep Assist and “IntelliBeam high beam assist” which turns the lights down if you leave your beams on while somebody’s coming toward you.

As for the outside, you might have already seen the Silverado’s new face. But is anyone talking about that mean-ass hood yet? Whole lotta budge happening up there. I’m into it.


From my perspective this is a close contender with the 2017 Ford Super Duty for most modern-looking pickup right now. It’s so square. So truck. But the creases kind of give me a vibe that’s begrudgingly wearing trendy accessories.

Chevy’s also adding a lot more LEDs. Looks like most trims will get the decorative eyewear-style running lights that are so hot right now. On the nicer LTZ, LTZ, Z71 and High Country trims you’ll get LEDs in every single light all around the truck.


As has already been announced, the eight-speed automatic transmission that’s been GM’s big V8 trucks for the last year or so will be an option for a lot more trucks throughout the Silverado range.

That eight-speed does a very decent job of making the 6.2 V8-powered trucks more effective and efficient, so I’ve got high hopes for how much it might be able to improve the smaller-engined vehicles as well.

We’re not expecting too many more significant updates on this vehicle, it’s just a refresh after all. But there’s still the revised 2016 GMC Sierra launch-photoshoot to look forward to!


Images via GM

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