2015 Ram Rebel Reportedly Priced From $45,000

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Somebody just posted a legit-looking order form for the 2015 Ram Rebel off-road pickup truck on a forum. If accurate, the truck starts at $44,720 and goes up about six grand from there. Here are the options and how they’re allegedly priced.

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User campbellsoutlaw posted this spec sheet to RamRebelForum.com not long ago. The “Prem Cloth Seats w/Emboss Trear Ptrn” would indicate it is indeed the new Rebel.


Seems like a lot of folks on the forum are disappointed that it’s on the expensive side, and like all trucks it kind of is, but I don’t really get the surprise here. We live in an era when a top-trim Chevy Colorado or Toyota Tacoma is about $40,000, remember?

For more direct comparison, a 2015 F-150 Lariat FX4 is about $48,000 and an Silverado LTZ Z71 is around $47,000 in crew-cab bodies without maximum options.

The Rebel comes with a 1” lift, 33” tires, and a pretty sweet steel front bumper, but was not designed to be some dune-destroying Raptor rival.

Rebel can only be had as a crew cab short-bed configuration with a V6 and 4WD, or a V8 and your choice of rear-wheel-drive or four.


We’ll be able to discuss how it drives and whether or not it’s actually worth the coin in a few days, after we’ve played Mad Max with it out in the Arizona desert.

RamRebelForum is also saying production will start in the middle of July, which puts the first trucks showing up at dealerships pretty soon.


Hat tip to Taylor V and RamRebelForum!

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